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From Twitter 05-09-2010

  • 01:08:17: It would be great if the weather could stabilize just long enough for me to not get sick every week. ~>P
  • 21:13:07: Last night I dreamed I was in Dethklok, and I played the theremin.
  • 21:13:38: In my audition I had to show I could play the theremin as fast as Skwissgar plays the guitar, but it was easy because he was super drunk.

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From Twitter 05-04-2010

  • 00:16:28: I just beat Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and holy shit was that last area hard. ~:(
  • 00:17:25: It's always more rewarding to beat a LoZ game where I don't have to hurt my sweet Ganondorf to win. <3

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From Twitter 05-03-2010

  • 20:13:31: I haven't been tweeting much 'cause for the last couple of days, I've either been at work or asleep. :P

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From Twitter 04-29-2010

  • 20:01:53: I just bought a roll of Mentos for the first time in like 15 years. I plan to use it if I get any job interviews.

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From Twitter 04-28-2010

  • 15:58:28: OK, new day, time to think positive and grab life by its evil sweaty balls! ~>3

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To my local folks

Hey, everybody who lives around the Twin Cities area? If you see any sort of job openings around St. Paul, ANYTHING that someone with an associates in Library Science or Graphic Design can get, let me know, OK? I've been looking all over and sending out resumes (fuck, I just spent 12 bucks faxing some! ~>( ) but I'm sure I could have missed stuff ... and even if they don't intend to fire me, working at WFM is slowing driving me to despair. So just keep your eyes peeled for me, please? ~:3


From Twitter 04-27-2010

  • 19:59:31: Got written up today for another non-issue. They're pretty clearly aiming to fire me soon; I'm job-hunting frantically

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Blah blah more pretentious art crap

Video games can never be art, because I define art as "creative mediums which are not video games", says Roger Ebert. He also still thinks all video games are about competition and high scores, but it's totes OK because he watched a couple of short clips from various emotionally-affecting games and that gives him all he needs to judge them to not be art.

Seriously, WTF is it with famous people being douchebags about art lately? Go fuck yourselves, famous people.

From Twitter 04-22-2010

  • 17:07:34: Oh, hey, I just realized it's Earth day and I'm NOT at Whole Foods! YES!

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